Are clear braces the new dental craze?

Are clear braces the new dental craze?

There are many benefits of choosing clear braces

Prior to technology advancements in the dental space, metal braces were the go-to treatment when people were looking to straighten their teeth. Over time, clear braces have been developed to give those that want a more subtle appearance the opportunity to try something new. The braces are made using two different types of material, clear ceramic or polycarbonate. A flexible wire connects the brackets to each other and is made of titanium or nickel, making it durable and as sturdy as metal braces.

Pros and cons of clear braces


  • These braces can be more comfortable than traditional metal braces.
  • They can be more aesthetically pleasing, particularly if you work in a corporate environment, you’re in school or would simply prefer something less visible.
  • They are made of high-quality material.


  • They may be more expensive than the metal braces
  • You may react differently to the clear material as opposed to metal wires, ensure you let your dentist know if you have any sensitivities beforehand.

Ultimately, you have to be able to determine what works best for you and your lifestyle. As mentioned previously, braces will be a part of your daily life and you have to be happy. Deciding factors like price and aesthetics can be a good way to start deciding what really works for you.

Something else to consider is the little impacts that clear braces can have on your life. For example, if you are a huge coffee fan, you may need to reduce your intake as ceramic brackets can leave stains on your teeth.

Get to know your braces

Clear braces do tend to stain easier than metal braces, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t effective. You need to make sure you take good care of them, so we’ll let you in on a few secrets to keep them clean and efficient.

  • Always brush your teeth after every meal. This prevents staining and will ensure that food will immediately be removed from your mouth. This will help prevent tooth decay.
  • Make sure you floss as this is the second-best thing you can do to make sure you keep your metal braces clean. Don’t forget to rinse and use mouthwash, as this gets into all those little places that your toothbrush can’t reach.
  • Take time to get to know foods that aren’t compatible with your braces and avoid them. Foods like tomatoes, mustard, coffee and wine have a high stain count and are also quite acidic, which isn’t good for your teeth or braces.

Here at AAA Orthodontics, we are here to assist you and make sure you have the best experience with your braces. If you follow a good dental routine and are attentive to what is good and bad for you, the experience will be a good one.

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