Are you too old to invest in your smile?

Are you too old to invest in your smile?

Orthodontic treatment no matter your age

With the rise of orthodontic technology, we now have a variety of options if we’re looking to straighten or align our teeth to achieve a better smile. This can be daunting if we’re in our adult years, but what options are available at AAA Orthodontics?

Consider your options

Invisalign treatment are aligners that are made of custom-made plastic trays which fit over your teeth and help straighten your teeth by gently pressuring your teeth to fall into place the same way braces would.

Incognito braces are probably a good option if you want a more discreet look. Instead of having the metal straighter visible on top of your teeth, these braces are placed behind your teeth so they achieve the same results. When thinking of treatment for straightening your teeth, there’s a lot you consider if you’re in your adult years because your image may be important dependent of your occupation. AAA Orthodontic recognizes this and is willing to specialize in ensuring that it provides a variety of options to take the stress off an issue that could potentially cause anxiety.

In some case, your teeth require more than just aligning. They might actually need traditional braces. In this case we offer a clear version of the metal braces which provides a less noticeable look and yet still offer you the full aligning treatment you require.

Life after orthodontics

As expected, after you’ve had your procedure done, you will be a bit tender, we’ve put together a few tips to help ease you in after taking the plunge

  1. Due to the fact that you have something over or under your teeth that is fastening them, you might be a bit tender when it comes to chewing solid foods so try stick to liquids and soft foods. Having foods like mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, scrambled eggs and smoothies will be a better option than foods that will require a serious case of chewing.
  2. If you feel the pain is too much to handle, keep painkillers like aspirin or ibuprofen handy. These are available over the counter and will numb the pain, just be careful that you take them as suggested on the dosage leaflet.
  3. Stay away from acidic foods or beverages so if you’re fan of orange or tomato juice, those flavors will have to be put on hold until you heal completely.
  4. If you develop any mouth sores, try a solution of a cup of water mixed with ½ a teaspoon of salt. Do avoid touching them with your fingers as they might cause further infection and pain. Ultimately, we prefer our clients to come back to us should they develop any irritation or sores so we can treat them accordingly.

What about the emotional part of getting your smile back, how will you ease into your new smile?

Choose the right type of braces

This might seem obvious but it’s not that clear cut for all people. If you know that you’re the type of person who would be shy about a metal wire being visible when you talk to people then enquire about other options of straightening that will suit your personality and environment.

If you have no worries about the braces being visible, perhaps it might make you a bit more confident if you customize them and make them go hand in hand with your personality. If you’re an adventurous or funky person, add color to show just how vibrant you are.

Be kinder to yourself 

Taking the plunge to correct something that might cause you ill health or just make you unhappy already means you’re a strong person. It shows a measure of bravery, so when the braces are on you will constantly have to remind yourself of the positive impact this change will have in your life and health. Having teeth that aren’t straight can cause your gums to malfunction and that could be a hazard.

By keeping your braces clean, you will ensure that you always have clean breathe and it will also just give you more confidence to smile. It may be different for you in the beginning but you will get into habit of always flossing, rinsing and making sure that no food particles are stuck in between your teeth and braces.

We are well aware of how daunting this whole process can be, so our doctors are always ready to take care of you in every single way and make sure the process is simple and pleasant.

If you would like to know more or to request an appointment, please contact us.

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