The Benefits of Clear Braces

The Benefits of Clear Braces

AAA Orthodontics in Brisbane discuss clear braces, their many benefits, and how they can help you achieve straighter teeth.

Clear Braces from AAA Orthodontics

There are several innovative orthodontic treatments available from AAA Orthodontics in Brisbane for both children and adults. Crooked teeth can be a cause for unnecessary embarrassment amongst children and especially adults which can cause them to hide their smile or not smile at all.

Adults, especially, find teeth straightening to be a daunting and awkward process which can negatively affect their lives. Thanks to all the advancements made in dental technology, getting straighter teeth for a brilliant smile has now become easier and more subtle than ever.

Dental experts took such apprehension into consideration and developed clear braces (also known as ceramic braces), which help take the embarrassment out of teeth straightening.

Why adults should consider teeth straightening treatments

  • Teeth can move: No matter how old you are, your teeth can begin moving out of place causing a number of issues. Restore your smile by opting for braces.
  • Crooked teeth cause problems: Crooked teeth can be difficult to clean effectively which means there will be spaces that your toothbrush or floss just can’t reach. Straightening your teeth can help alleviate this problem, leaving your teeth feeling cleaner and healthier.
  • Pain: Crooked teeth can cause pain in your mouth and face which could become the root of other dental problems such as headaches, earaches, and facial and jaw pain.

What are Clear Braces?

Clear braces are a translucent and highly effective method for straightening teeth. They work just like traditional metal braces but make use of clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires to match your natural teeth making them nearly invisible.

As with metal braces, the clear brace brackets are bonded to your teeth and connected with a wire to effectively treat crooked teeth. Clear braces also make use of an arch wire which runs across your teeth and is held in place in a slot in each tooth’s bracket by an elastic band.

Unlike traditional braces, you will have the option of using white wires and white or clear elastic bands to make your braces even less noticeable.

The Benefits of Clear Braces

Clear braces have many wonderful benefits which make them one of the top teeth straightening choices for many people around the world.

  • Discreet: These braces can be made from a ceramic compound, so they can either be clear or tooth-coloured making them far less noticeable than the shiny metal of traditional braces. This gives the user more confidence to smile and speak even while undergoing orthodontic treatments.
  • Keeps teeth strong: Clear braces make use of a bonding agent (to attach the braces to your teeth) which does not demineralise your tooth enamel. This means that you’ll get great adhesive strength keeping the braces strong throughout the treatment.
  • Comfortable: Clear and ceramic braces are generally smoother than traditional metal braces causing less irritation. Metal braces have small parts and wires which poke and scratch the inside of your mouth, but clear braces offer a more comfortable treatment thanks to their smoothness.
  • Tough: Many people consider metal braces to be a stronger and more efficient way of straightening teeth. They also underestimate the power of ceramic braces, thinking that these braces will break apart easily. Clear braces however, work in the same way as metal braces and are just as tough, making them an excellent orthodontic treatment. Their design and application make them highly durable and effective, so they won’t break or chip (unless badly used).
  • No enamel demineralisation: Demineralisation refers to the damage caused to the enamel on your teeth. Using metal braces can not only cause you irritation, but it can cause demineralization as well by wearing down the enamel on your teeth. Clear braces are attached to your teeth with the highest possible bond strength so that the braces remain fixed throughout use. The innovative bonding agent used helps prevent demineralisation and any consequent discolouration around the brackets during treatment.
  • Easier removal: Due to all the technological advancements made over the years, removing clear braces once treatment has been completed has become much easier.
  • Quick: Clear braces (like clear aligners) are more subtle than metal braces and will be barely noticeable in photos and videos. However, clear aligners can take more time to effectively straighten teeth meaning you’ll have to use them for longer. Clear braces however, work quickly and effectively in combating your misaligned teeth.
  • Resistant: Clear braces are also more resistant to staining than clear aligners but that doesn’t mean you should take your daily oral routine lightly. They also do not leave any marks or stains on your teeth once they have been removed.

Clear Braces, Better Teeth

AAA Orthodontics in Brisbane has several great teeth straightening options including clear braces. These braces will help to effectively correct your crooked teeth whilst remaining as inconspicuous as possible.

Clear braces will allow you to keep smiling and speaking confidently throughout your orthodontic treatment, so you’ll never have to miss out on life again because of braces.

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