Doggy Orthodontics!

Doggy Orthodontics!

Now Queenslanders are not only sending their children and adolescents to the dentist but now even their dog’s teeth are getting straightened!

Many pet owners are taking their relationship with their canine friends to the next level – by sending them to the orthodontist! Image-conscious owners want their pets to look good, and there is nothing enjoyable about being kissed by a dog with gum disease!

There are a myriad of dog-owners that put braces on their dogs to straighten crooked teeth or close gaps!

Ensure you and your children receive the best in human orthodontics with AAA Orthodontics!

At AAA Orthodontics in Strathpine, we specialise in the straightening and aligning of human teeth, and as such endeavour to provide our patients with the best, high quality and effective treatments possible.

Our advanced and revolutionary treatments consist of:

Give your child the best start in life and help them regain their self-esteem with Invisalign

Does your child need orthodontic intervention but doesn’t want to house a mouth full of brackets and wires? Now they don’t have to with Invisalign! Invisalign utilises a series of transparent aligners that exert a small amount of pressure to gradually straighten teeth! No brackets, no wires, no braces! Virtually invisible, you or your child can gain the most out of life utilising this revolutionary new treatment!

For more information on our treatments or to book a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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