Give your child their best ever smile

Give your child their best ever smile

Our team believes early intervention is always better than providing a cure

In recent years early intervention has become a cornerstone practice within orthodontic dentistry. Early intervention can potentially prevent the later need to wear braces or minimise the extent of the required treatment during adolescence.

AAA Orthodontics in Strathpine and Albany Creek prioritises early orthodontics so they can help their patients achieve the smile they deserve with the most minimally invasive treatment options.

Why is early intervention useful?

Early intervention can be extremely beneficial to our patients as it gives our orthodontic professionals the opportunity to intervene while the bones and bite are still growing and forming. The structure of the teeth has not yet cemented into place and is consequently much more malleable then later in life.

By assessing your child’s orthodontic condition, our orthodontists can begin to identify whether the need for orthodontic treatment is present. We can intercept the development of some potentially harmful concerns and correct them before they worsen and require more extensive work later on.

Ultimately early intervention can help you and your child to save time and money down the track, as well as prevent the patient from needing to receive potentially uncomfortable orthodontic work later in life.

What age can early intervention begin?

Our orthodontic professionals recommend that parents bring their children in to meet our team at around 7 years old. This is an ideal time to begin assessing a patient’s orthodontic situation as around this age is the period where orthodontic concerns usually begin to become detectable. As the bone and dental function are still developing it is an optimal time for early intervention and many concerns identified can often be intercepted and prevented.


What can early intervention address?

As the jawbone and teeth are still developing, concerns such as teeth crowding can often be more easily corrected. Before the adult teeth have all completely erupted, or before they are cemented into place, it is often easier to direct the development of the tooth positioning.

Early intervention can also help to correct concerns in the alignment of the dental arches and the jawbone. There are a number of functional appliances we can prescribe your child in order to help correct these concerns, which can become much more problematic to treat later in life. While further treatment may be necessary during the patient’s adolescent years, if this is the case then often the treatment is far less extensive than if they had not received early intervention treatment.

Crossbites and protruding front teeth are also some other concerns that can be addressed in early intervention. These concerns can affect the development of the bite and the jawbone, as well as negatively impact the appearance of a patients smile later in life.

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