Help your child look after their braces

Help your child look after their braces

Helping your children learn how to care for their braces will aid in their dental hygiene. Here are a few tips on how you and your child can work together to make sure they look after their braces properly.

Have the proper tools to clean their braces

Having new and different tools in the bathroom creates encouragement and excitement for your child and will help them to be more proactive about their oral hygiene.  There are specific products on the market designed for braces and the maintenance of them, ask your orthodontist at AAA Orthodontics about the products they would recommend.

Teach your child the new way to brush their teeth

Braces create hiding places for food to get stuck in and without knowing the correct way to brush with your braces on, these tiny bits of food may cause problems at a later stage. Choose your child’s favourite song and ask them to brush their teeth and do a little dance around the bathroom for the entire length of the song. This will ensure that the braces-wearer is brushing for a suitable amount of time.

Upgrade your floss and learn the new technique

Wire stretched across teeth can pose a challenge when it comes to flossing. However, flossing is still an important step in maintaining good oral hygiene and is still encouraged. Give us a call about the specific floss we recommend for your child to use. Give your child a helping hand, in the beginning, to teach them until they get the hang of it.

Create an exciting event out of their oral care

The more time spent focusing on their dental hygiene the easier it will be for your child to make it a priority in their minds. Make their brushing and flossing routine fun and a moment for good quality time by incorporating items and things that they love. Whether it be their favourite song, a new toothbrush in their favourite colour or a fun game between you both, they will be bouncing up and down with excitement; eager to keep their teeth healthy and their braces clean!

Braces are an opportunity to teach responsibility

Caring for braces requires effort and discipline, with tangible consequences for ignoring the rules. Work with your child in explaining to them the rules as well as the consequences of breaking them. Placing partial responsibility for their oral health on them will aid you in teaching your child the value of consistency. Ask your orthodontist or even other members of our staff at AAA Orthodontics to have a chat with your child about oral hygiene can help them take the care of their braces more seriously.

Certain foods are now off-limits

Hard and sticky foods are generally out the window when it comes to braces. Eating hard and sticky foods can potentially break certain braces or cause damage. There may be a few temper-tantrums or crocodile tears because their favourite hard toffee is no longer on the grocery list. Toffees and gum can be difficult to dislodge from between braces, so the best way to avoid a sticky situation is to avoid sticky sweets.

Swish some water around for a quick fix

An easier solution to a few stray pieces of lunch getting stuck in braces is to vigorously swirl the water around in the mouth to flush out any bits from between the braces. This method is brilliant for when your child is busy or is unable to floss immediately. However, flushing out braces with water may work for one or two loose bits of food but more stubborn pieces will need to still be regularly flossed away.

Replace their toothbrush more frequently

Increasing the amount of time your child spends brushing their teeth will cause more wear-and-tear sooner. Brushing over the brackets and metal of their braces will cause their toothbrush to deteriorate faster, as soon as the bristles begin to fray it might be time for a new toothbrush.

Your orthodontist knows best

If you have doubts or questions concerning your child’s braces it is always best to approach the team at AAA Orthodontics with your concerns or queries. If you have any questions, fill out our convenient online enquiry form.

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