Move over doggy orthodontics, how about a polar-bear sized root canal!

Move over doggy orthodontics, how about a polar-bear sized root canal!

Recently a polar bear that was suffering from immense tooth aches had to undergo a root canal!

Usually it is the patient that fears the dentist, but in this instance it is the other way around! A 400kg bear required dental surgery on a rotting tooth, and had a team of 12 made up of dentists, dental nurses and vets! The bear underwent the usual root canal procedure a human would experience, except the tooth was six times the size!

At AAA Orthodontics we look after you…

At AAA Orthodontics in Strathpine we understand the desire to have straight teeth. If you are experiencing tooth pain, it could be your teeth becoming crooked or misaligned. If this is the case we focus primarily on re-aligning our patient’s smiles so you can reclaim your confidence!

Our treatment plans consist of:

  • Invisalign: perfect for patients who require orthodontic treatment but do not wish for anyone to notice. Invisalign utilises a series of transparent aligners so only you have to know that you are undergoing treatment!
  • Braces: Conventional stainless steel braces which go around your teeth with an attachment welded to the outside.
  • Cosmetic (Clear) Braces: Clear brackets are an alternative and move your teeth in the same way as the metal brackets. These are far less noticeable than standard metal braces but still produce the same results.
  • Early Treatment: Early treatment is aimed at correcting crossbites where the top teeth are inside the lower teeth, narrow top jaws, small lower jaws or preserving space so that the second teeth can erupt into the best possible positions.

For more information on our orthodontic treatments or to book a consultation at our Strathpine orthodontic practice please contact us.

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