Why do I need to correct crooked teeth or a misaligned bite?

Why do I need to correct crooked teeth or a misaligned bite?

Why do I need to correct crooked teeth or a misaligned bite?

There is a widespread assumption that orthodontic work purely improves the appearance of crowded smiles. Despite this, our orthodontic treatments here at AAA Orthodontics in Albany Creek can address much more than just a smiles appearance.

Crooked or crowed teeth and a misaligned jaw can lead to a number of debilitating health concerns, such as tooth loss and gum disease. In turn, these concerns have also been potentially linked to more significant health issues, such as cardiovascular disease.

Simplify your dental hygiene routine 

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Crooked or crowded teeth can pose a significant difficulty to the process of keeping your mouth clean. These misplaced teeth can hinder your dental hygiene routine and can create pockets of unreachable areas that are susceptible to the accumulation of tartar and bacteria.

Crooked teeth can be hard to brush and floss, meaning you may not be giving these teeth sufficient hygiene attention. Without adequate cleaning, your teeth can develop tooth decay which can even lead to tooth loss. This tooth decay can gradually worsen over time, potentially without any indications, until the problem becomes more serious and painful.

By correcting crooked or misplaced teeth our dental team can help to ensure that your dental hygiene routine is both simple and effective. We strive to simplify your day to day cleaning with our orthodontic treatments, as we guide your teeth into the correct place and make them easily manageable.

Protect your gums

The health of your gums is intrinsically linked to your overall health and wellbeing. Healthy gums can support your teeth and help you to prevent tooth loss. Our orthodontic treatments can help to make your oral hygiene routine more manageable and thus protect the health of your gums. When your gums are unhealthy they can darken in colour, become inflamed and cause discomfort. Gum disease can also spread throughout your mouth and begin to affect your otherwise healthy teeth.

Gum disease can also signify much more extensive health concerns at play. Gum disease and tooth loss have been linked to a number of debilitating health concerns, such as Alzheimer’s. In addition to being a health concern, gum disease can also be a symptom of more serious health conditions. Periodontis (serve gum disease) can be a symptom of heart disease and diabetes.

Orthodontic work can safeguard the health of your gums by ensuring your teeth are in the correct position. This correct positioning can make your oral hygiene routine easier, whilst also ensuring your teeth do not rub on your gums, causing irritation.

Avoid extractions

By maintaining a healthy smile you can strive to avoid needing to have your natural teeth extracted. At AAA Orthodontics extracting natural teeth is a worst-case scenario. Our team endeavours to retain as many of your natural teeth as possible. By treating overcrowding as soon as possible, we can attempt to avoid the need for later extractions.

 Prevent wear on your teeth

An incorrect alignment of teeth can mean that within your bite your teeth rub against each other in a way that can be harmful to the integrity and shape of your teeth.  As your teeth wear away, you can also leave yourself open to the development of tooth decay. Once you expose the inner layers of your teeth to bacteria, you also leave yourself vulnerable to infecting your tooth’s pulp.

If the decay caused by worn down teeth is minor then you may only require a filling, however more extensive damage can require root canal therapy or even extraction. Orthodontic work, such as traditional and Incognito braces, can ensure your teeth meet the appropriate opposite teeth when biting down in order to help curb the wear and tear of your teeth.

Align your jaw

Our orthodontic treatments here at AAA Orthodontics can correct misaligned jaws. A misaligned jaw can cause a number of oral and aesthetic concerns, as well as impact your overall health. A misaligned jaw can cause an overbite or underbite, which can hinder your oral function.  Orthodontic treatment can correct your bite and help to ensure that your jawbone is providing adequate support for your teeth.

Improve chewing, digestion and speech

Orthodontic treatment can improve your ability to chew and digest food, as well improve your ability speak and pronounce words. This improvement is also related to the proper alignment of your jaw and your bite (malocclusion). By ensuring your teeth bite down in the correct position, our orthodontic team can help to improve your ability to chew your food.

When enabling your teeth to adequately chew your food, you can also experience improved digestion. As we guide your teeth into place via orthodontic treatment you can also experience improved speech abilities. Crooked or misplaced teeth, as well as a misaligned bite, can pose obstacles when you are pronouncing words and speaking. Our orthodontic treatments can help to ensure your speech is not hindered by your teeth.

Smile with confidence 

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In addition to all these potential health benefits, orthodontic treatments also have the potential to drastically enhance the appearance of your smile. By improving the cosmetic appearance of your smile, we can strive to make our patients feel confident. We offer a variety of orthodontic treatments, such as:

With our large variety of orthodontic treatments, we can ensure that our team can tailor a treatment plan that addresses both your health concerns and your aesthetic goals.

If you would like to learn more about how orthodontics can transform your smile, or if you would like to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us on (07) 3325 0255.


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