Prepare your child for high quality orthodontic treatment at AAA Orthodontics

Prepare your child for high quality orthodontic treatment at AAA Orthodontics

It is important for your child to be aware of and comfortable with orthodontic treatment before it is used…

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the refinement, protection, and correction of irregularities of the bite, smile and jaw alignment. The hassles that can be assisted or minimised with accurate orthodontic treatment include:

  • Asymmetrical, jagged, or packed teeth
  • Absent teeth
  • Additional Teeth
  • An Overbite
  • An Under bites
  • Bent or incorrect jawbone position
  • TMJ Dysfunction

Oral health treatment is generally used when your child is approximately 10-14 years old. This age bracket is perfect as a child possesses mixed teeth that are made up of primary teeth and adult teeth. During this state, the growth, construction and position of the permanent teeth can quickly be modified to improve any problems that may be detected.

The types of oral health appliances used at AAA Orthodontics…

There are commonly 2 types of appliances that can be utilised for treatment, depending on the seriousness of the situation:

  • Fixed Orthodontic Appliances
  • Detachable Orthodontic Treatment

Secured Orthodontic treatment employed at AAA Orthodontics in Brisbane consists of conventional braces and ceramic braces. These orthodontic solutions typically make use of several components that are secured on the teeth, to help expertly straighten your child’s smile.

We also offer a removable dental health product called Invisalign. This technique utilises a series of translucent aligner trays that are absolutely removable so you can maintain your dental care routine as normal and also, eat whatever you like! Now you can transform your smile without transforming your way of life!

Help your child understand…

Explain and discuss each action in detail to your child and help them control their worries one by one. Advise them of the ultimate goal; that is to have exquisitely straight teeth.

Start preparing for every visit…

It might require several check-ups to prepare your child for conventional braces. The most significant aspect here is the psychological support that needs to be given so that your youngster is mentally in a position to accept the procedure.

You will want to be mindful that the moment the appliance has been adhered, it will require some time for the child and the mouth and jaws to adjust to these new intrusions in the mouth. Subsequently, you may need to have a lot of patience and knowledge of what your youngster will deal with.

Inform us if your child is anxious…

If your child has asserted panic or anxiety with regards to any of the processes, it will be advisable to let our dental employees know, so we can be extra calm or friendly to help alleviate these concerns in the most effective manner. Last but not the least; pay attention to each one of your child’s needs without prejudice and motivate your child so they can see the bigger picture.

At AAA Orthodontics, we are dedicated to your child’s dental development and endeavour to provide the best in regards to service and treatment.

For more information on our orthodontic services or to book an appointment at our Strathpine dental practice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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