Prevention is better than a cure!

Prevention is better than a cure!

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Thought orthodontic care was only for teenagers?

At AAA Orthodontics we believe prevention is better than a cure, and with our early intervention treatments, we may be able to save your child years of orthodontic work down the track.

A great way to begin an early intervention approach with your child is to take them to an orthodontic screening when their permanent teeth begin to appear (six or seven years of age). Dr Peter McMahon will then assess whether early intervention treatment will be beneficial to your child’s health.

Early intervention treatment can include:

  • Correction of overcrowding (minimizing the need for extractions later in life)
  • Correction of an underbite
  • Correction of a crossbite
  • Correction of protruded teeth
  • Dental arch development
  • Creating space for permanent teeth to erupt

It is important to remember that children may still require further orthodontic treatment as they grow older, but with early intervention, treatment times, related costs and the extent of dental issues can be minimized. To find out more about our early intervention approach, contact us.

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