The secret smile

The secret smile

Invisalign can help you straighten your smile virtually invisibly, so no one will know you’re receiving treatment.

At AAA Orthodontics we pride ourselves on offering the full spectrum of orthodontic treatments. This comprehensive range means we can treat each and every one of our patients, tailoring a treatment plan to suit their age, lifestyle and particular orthodontic concerns.

From our Albany Creek and Strathpine practice locations our orthodontic professionals are dedicated to helping patients achieve the smile they deserve with a treatment that suits their lifestyle.

For our adult patients, or for those who are self-conscious about wearing braces or other visible orthodontic devices, we offer Invisalign. Invisalign is a clear plastic aligner device that gently and discreetly moves the teeth into the desired position, as discussed initially with our orthodontic professionals.

The Invisalign aligners


Invisalign consists of a sequence of clear plastic aligners that can comfortably shift your teeth into place. Treatment time is around 12 months, however the time you are required to wear your aligners will be entirely dependent on this degree of your orthodontic concerns and your compliance in wearing your aligners.

Your orthodontic professionals require that you wear your aligners around 22 hours a day, only removing them to eat or brush your teeth, or very sporadically for important meetings or events.

During your initial consultation we will assess your particular orthodontic concerns, examining predominantly your bite and the positioning of the teeth. Once we have developed a sound understanding of any of your orthodontic concerns and taken the time to understand your lifestyle, we can prescribe a treatment that is best suited to you.

We will then take a mould and x-ray of your teeth in order to create you aligner’s to suit the exact shape and dimensions of your smile. By moulding your aligners to fit the exact shape your teeth we can ensure that you will be comfortable throughout your treatment.


A multitude of benefits

Invisalign can be an advantageous treatment to receive when straightening your smile for a number of reasons. The benefits include:


The aligners are clear and thus are virtually unnoticeable when you wear them. Because they are custom made to fit in perfectly with your smile, they should also easily hug the teeth and blend seamlessly into the teeth.


As the aligners are custom made to suit your teeth they should also be comfortable and not cause any irritation. There will be an initial period of adjustment when you get each new set of aligners, however they should slide over your teeth comfortably and you should get used to them quickly.


Unlike most orthodontic treatments, Invisalign is removable, which allows you to brush your teeth and floss as you normally would. As they are removable you can also enjoy your favourite foods and continue to eat the same foods you did before. You can also remove your aligners for special events or important meetings in order to help boost your confidence.

Correcting your smile subtly

Invisalign can efficiently guide the teeth into place, helping you to achieve the smile you deserve discreetly. During your initial consultation our orthodontic professionals will assess your smile and help identify if Invisalign would be a suitable treatment for you.

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