Straight teeth help you lead a healthy life

Straight teeth help you lead a healthy life

Straight teeth look great – the social and personal benefits are evident in their effect. What you might not know is that having crooked teeth can have a negative impact on your overall health! 


Unless they’re preparing for a role as an alien on the new men in black movie, most stars on the silver screen have straight teeth. While straight teeth in the movies are for cosmetic reasons, there are some significant health benefits straight teeth can provide that you may not be aware of.

AAA Orthodontics at Albany Creek and Strathpine are the teeth straightening specialists for the north side of Brisbane. Achieving a healthy body and mind through straight teeth is the commitment Dr McMahon makes to all his patients.

Straight teeth… so what?

Our teeth play a huge role in our life that may go unrealised. Socially, they make you seem more approachable, appear more successful, boost confidence and give better first impressions, but what about your well-being? Surely straight teeth can’t have that much of an effect on our overall physical condition, well, turns out they can.

Numerous diseases and conditions known to doctors around Australia that affect the body are actually caused by poor oral health. Heart disease, arthritis, dementia and diabetes are all symptoms of dental neglect. Along with regular check-ups, low sugar foods and everyday cleaning; having straight teeth can help keep your body healthy and strong.

How do straight teeth help improve my health?

Straight teeth are easier to keep clean

When your teeth are straight, there are no overlapping crevices for food to get lodged in when you eat. This makes cleaning your teeth much easier and more effective. There are places in your mouth that toothbrush bristles cannot reach; when your teeth are crooked this makes the cleaning process a whole lot harder. The cleaner your teeth, the less likely you are to suffer from gingivitis, gum swelling, tooth decay and abysses.

Straight teeth improves digestion

If you are unable to chew your food effectively, you are unable to digest your food effectively. If chewing habits seem like a chore, chances are the food will end up in the stomach without being properly processed beforehand. Chewing produces the enzyme rich substance known as saliva. Saliva’s purpose is to help breakdown food in the gut which alleviates the amount of work the stomach needs to do in order to digest. The less you chew, the less saliva you produce which leaves a more unprocessed, enzyme poor food sitting in your stomach.

Straight teeth lower the risk of disease

Crooked or misaligned teeth are perfect harbours for plaque. When you have a large amount of plaque building up in your mouth, you ingest quite a lot as well. This bacteria ridden plaque matter can enter your bloodstream which may affect the inner lining of you blood vessels and make its way into your brain. When the plaque infiltrates your bloodstream, it is transported to all the major organs where they can cause irreparable damage.

Straight teeth can make you happier

Researchers have proven that a smile increases the release of neurochemicals in your brain that give you the feeling of happiness. People that do not regularly produce the release of neurochemicals are more prone to suffer from depression and anxiety. Chances are, if you have crooked teeth you are probably not going to be so proud as to selflessly smile in social situations. If you are self-conscious about smiling, you are by default less happy.

AAA Orthodontics are the specialists in teeth straightening treatments on the North side of Brisbane, with each treatment designed to suit a specific need. You choose what’s important; whether its time, money, appearance or comfort, our Strathpine or Albany Creek practices has a solution to suit.

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