Three great foods you can still enjoy even with braces!

Three great foods you can still enjoy even with braces!

At AAA Orthodontics we understand that having braces limits what you can eat…

At AAA Orthodontics in Brisbane, we have a wide variety of orthodontic treatments that allow you to achieve those beautiful, straight teeth you deserve. However, we completely understand that having braces can severely limit the food you can eat, such as sticky toffees and caramels. Take a look at our list of three good foods that you and your kids will love, even with braces.


It’s one of the most filling dishes we can consume, and you don’t have to miss out on it because you have braces! You can still have you favourite dishes like spaghetti bolognaise or carbonara – cook the pasta a little longer than usual for extra softness.


Yes, it is true, sticky foods are a no-go when it comes to eating with braces. However, if your sweet tooth is particularly strong, create some delicious fruit smoothies with ice cream to satisfy those cravings during treatment.

Get creative with soups

Soup is the best go-to comfort food, and for good reason! Not only do they provide warmth when served hot, they are also full of nutrition and easy to eat – which makes them perfect for those with braces. Create your own soups to make delicious and hearty meals without the fuss.

With our revolutionary treatment Invisalign, you won’t be restricted!

If you enjoy eating the foods you love, and couldn’t bear to part with sticky caramels and hard lollies, then Invisalign may be your answer! Completely removable, Invisalign will straighten your teeth and allow you to eat whatever you like, whenever you like!

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