Tips for keeping your orthodontics safe over Christmas

Tips for keeping your orthodontics safe over Christmas

Keeping a clean mouth is important for braces, as it’s easier for bits of food to get caught in pesky places.

Braces wires and brackets make it harder and a longer process to clean your mouth, meaning you must take extra care of your dental health.

We have put together some tips so that you can keep your braces clean over the holidays.

Keep your orthodontics safe over the holidays and maintain good oral hygiene, by doing the following

1.   Brushing and flossing:

We recommend brushing your teeth twice daily and after every meal; if possible, with a fluoride toothpaste. This will ensure you clean off plaque and remove trapped food between brackets and teeth.

2.   Use a mouthwash daily:

Daily use of a mouthwash kills bacteria inside your mouth, while also helping to keep bad breath away.

3.   Avoid these foods:

●      Sugary foods:

You should try to avoid foods high in sugar, as they increase tooth decay and impact orthodontic treatments.

The bacteria found in plaque uses sugars to create acid which eats through your enamel layer (tooth’s protection). It’s important to take good care of your enamel, as once it’s gone it cannot be restored.

●      Chewy foods:

Foods that require a lot of chewing should be avoided, such as tough meats and dried fruit.

●      Sticky foods:

Sticky foods such as caramel and toffee can damage braces as they get caught and make chewing harder.

●      Hard or seedy fruit:

Fruits such as apples, that are hard should be avoided. Instead softer fruits like berries, bananas and grapes should be eaten. It’s also best to avoid seedy fruit, as the seeds can get caught between the braces and teeth.

●      Hard foods:

Foods that are hard, such as ice and chips should not be eaten while wearing braces, as biting down can easily break braces or teeth.

●      Crunchy foods:

Foods such as corn on the cob, raw carrots and nuts that are crunchy should be avoided. Plus, these foods leave small bits through your mouth, which will get caught between your braces and teeth.

4.   Don’t skip orthodontic appointments:

Never cancel your appointments, as they are important to visit, so that your orthodontist can check up on how your treatment is going. Skipping appointments can prolong treatment time.

5.   Broken bracket or wire:

If this happens, do not try and fix it yourself. Simply make sure the pieces are on safe positions where it will not cause damage to your teeth and gums.

For wires, snip off the broken wire and use orthodontic wax to safely cover the end cut wire; and for a broken bracket, use orthodontic wax to hold it in place.

Our friendly team at AAA Orthodontics are passionate about ensuring your treatment is as smooth and short as possible. We have a range of orthodontic treatments on offer, from traditional braces, lingual braces up to clear aligner treatment.

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