Am I too old to benefit from braces?

Am I too old to benefit from braces?

“Braces” and “teenager” seem to go hand-in hand without a second thought, but did you know an increasing number of adults are deciding to undergo orthodontic treatment?

If you’re an adult who’s now grieving over your teenage rebellion toward the idea of braces, you don’t have to. The number of adults deciding to undergo corrective treatment is on the rise, which isn’t surprising given that “teeth straightening” options are no longer limited to the blaringly obvious metal braces that seemed to be “the trend” amongst your high school peers.

So what are my options?

At AAA Orthodontics we offer Invisalign, clear braces, and lingual braces. With the aid of these treatments, you can now discreetly and efficiently achieve your goals of a straighter smile with very few people even realising you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. With the aid of our “Clincheck” technology, you will be able to see the results before you even undergo treatment.


Invisalign is taking the world of teeth straightening by storm. Invisalign comprises of a clear aligner system, which is completely removable and barely detectable. An impression of your teeth will be taken and sent off for your aligners to be custom-made. These aligners will require changing every 2 weeks as you move to the next stage of your smile transformation (similar to a “tightening” with traditional braces).


  • Removable, so you can still enjoy your favourite foods and drinks
  • Virtually invisible


  • Treatment period highly depends upon your compliance; you will need to remember to wear them for the allocated amount of time per day (22 hours roughly).

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Clear Braces

Not dissimilar in concept to traditional metal braces, clear braces are their more discreet cousin. Comprised of all clear elastic loops (or colour if you prefer), there is still the presence of a metal wire, however, there are no bulky metal brackets to draw attention to the area. The metal brackets on traditional braces are typically what gives them the “bulky” look and draws attention to the braces. By replacing these with clear brackets you reduce the attention drawn to them.
(For example, the model shown in our blog banner is wearing clear braces)


  • No bulky metal brackets to draw attention to the appliance
  • Fixed appliance, so treatment time is fixed. Unlike Invisalign, you can “set and forget”, and not have to worry about taking them off and putting them back into place.


  • Some foods will be off limits
  • You will be required to take extra care while cleaning your teeth, as any damage done due to poor oral health may lead to a “frosted white” appearance where the brackets were. These effects are permanent.
  • Possibility of wire breakage
  • Due to wire they are still noticeable
  • Lips and cheeks may suffer ulcers as they become accustomed to the presence of the device.

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Lingual Braces

Also known as “Incognito braces”, this treatment option is fast gaining popularity amongst Australians. The braces are attached behind the teeth, so unless you mention it, most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them. Patients also report minimal discomfort while undergoing treatment with lingual braces.


  • Placed behind the teeth, so highly discreet
  • Wires can be inserted closer to the teeth resulting in less discomfort
  • Suitable for most patients
  • Due to being a fixed appliance you don’t have to worry about removal or putting them back into place


  • You may have to avoid or limit certain favourite foods
  • Still the possibility of broken wires

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Regardless of which treatment you decide to undertake, there will still be some discomfort when the appliances are first applied and tightened. This is due to the fact that they are applying pressure to encourage movement. Discomfort should be manageable with Nurofen or Panadol.

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If you’re considering corrective treatments contact our friendly staff at AAA Orthodontics to arrange a consultation. With locations conveniently placed in Strathpine and Albany Creek Brisbane, we are sure to be able to help you.

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