What are lingual braces?

What are lingual braces?

The days of bulky metal braces are gone – lingual braces are virtually invisible and provide an alternative to traditional braces

Lingual braces are hidden behind your teeth and are virtually invisible and custom made to your individual teeth. It’s fast becoming one of the more popular choices for orthodontic treatment in Australia and across the world. It combines the latest technology with patients genuine concerns which give you the most effective and discreet orthodontic treatment on the market.

AAA Orthodontics offer lingual braces in their Strathpine and Albany Creek practices to help image-conscious patients choose a discreet and results driven orthodontic treatment.

Lingual braces have been around since the 1970’s

Lingual braces look like conventional metal braces that have been mounted on the back of your teeth which hides them from view, making them unnoticeable to others.

The idea of providing lingual orthodontic treatment began in the mid-1970’s in two separate counties. In the USA, Dr Craven Kurz from Beverly Hills, California wanted a system to deliver orthodontic treatment to his patients in a less noticeable, and discreet way.

In Japan, however, Professor Fujita developed his own method independently. His primary motivation was to be able to provide care in a way that helped to protect the lips and cheeks of patients participating in martial arts.

Lingual braces can fix more complex cases

Each bracket is custom made to fit seamlessly into your mouth to increase the comfort of our patients whilst wearing the lingual braces. Once lingual braces have been positioned, there is a slight adjustment period, but over time the tongue will adjust to the orthodontic device.

Lingual braces are custom made for nearly all oral conditions and they can be used in most cases to straighten teeth and correct bites. These include the more complex cases that other clear aligners cannot treat.

They can be worn by teenagers and adults

The customised brackets allow Incognito braces to be worn by teenagers and adults and if you can be treated by traditional braces it’s likely you can be treated with lingual braces. Generally, lingual braces are able to be used on most patients who desire a more inconspicuous orthodontic treatment.

Lingual braces as AAA Orthodontics

Apart from the cosmetic benefits of lingual braces, they can also improve your overall dental health. Correcting misaligned teeth using braces helps to relieve stress on the gums and jaws and straight teeth make it easier to brush and floss, which can decrease your chance of developing gum disease.

The orthodontists at AAA Orthodontics will discuss your options with you and help choose the best treatment method.

For more information on lingual braces or to book a consultation, contact AAA Orthodontics in Strathpine and Albany Creek today.

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