What does the future of orthodontics hold?

What does the future of orthodontics hold?

With so many revolutionary orthodontic treatments popping up over the last decade or so we have a look at what the next few might have in store for patients.

Orthodontic treatments in the modern age of dentistry have already broken the mold of what we thought was possible and there is no sign that this progress will be halted anytime soon and that it is good news for everyone involved. With treatments like Invisalign clear aligners that are able to straighten teeth without the need for metal braces, orthodontics has been able to branch off into areas previously unthinkable. In fact, in 40 or 50 years’ time, we might not even need any metal braces or any other materials that have been synonymous with orthodontic treatment in the past.

The future of orthodontic technologies

Given the fact that other technologies are developing at an exponential rate, it wouldn’t be out of the question to assume that the same would apply to orthodontic technologies. When you consider what we have already achieved in a relatively short space of time, there is nothing to suggest that we can’t continue to build on these technologies in the near future. One thing that is certain is that any orthodontic treatments of the future will be far less noticeable and even if we do still use the braces and wires combination they might be made of a clear material.

Maybe we will use nanotechnology to aid in the straightening of teeth, or perhaps even being able to do so with each tooth individually as they start to grow out which would mean that by the time all of your teeth have grown out you could conceivably have a perfectly straight smile. With the work being done in genetic coding, we may even be able to eliminate the chances of having defects in your teeth and jaws which would even further decrease the need for treatment.

How will we as patients change?

Another pertinent question to ask is how will we change as human beings over the next 50 years? Even with our comparatively simple technologies, we have still managed to change orthodontic treatments from something that was almost exclusively used for teens and pre-teens, into something that is now freely worn by adults. Maybe we will become so adept at straightening your teeth in your formative years that there will simply be no need for any orthodontic treatment later in your life. This would also be something that accompanies greater access to treatment and with less expensive materials being used (if at all) we might see a whole lot more people with beautiful straight smiles.

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