Why are my teeth crowded?

Why are my teeth crowded?

There are a number of reasons why malocclusion can occur, and a number of ways it can be fixed!

Here at AAA Orthodontics in Albany Creek we know that malocclusions simply come with the territory. We have years of experience in monitoring the crowding of our patients teeth and we have developed a number of reasons why this troublesome and aesthetically displeasing effect can occur. Many children (more often than not) experience some degree of over-crowding or malocclusion, and this can directly predict the growth of their adult teeth, which can carry on into adulthood if left untreated. There are 7 causes for overcrowding which we commonly see at our Albany Creek dental practice.

1) Extra teeth, overlapping teeth or small arches

Having extra teeth is a common problem when teeth first begin to erupt. This can cause teeth to overlap and become unsightly and crowded in the jaw. While an extra tooth is a cause of this, it can also be because your teeth are simply too large for your upper and lower dental arches which need to be able to accommodate your adult teeth.

2) Impacted teeth or abnormally growing teeth

If your teeth begin to grow in an odd direction such as horizontally due to lack of space in the mouth this can cause a lot of problems. If you have teeth growing beneath the gum towards the bottom or side of other teeth this can severely damage their nerves and dentine, not to mention cause a lot of pain if left unidentified.

3) Abnormally shaped teeth

In the rare event that one of your teeth are oddly shaped the team at AAA Orthodontics may need to extract. This will ensure that your smile looks aesthetically pleasing as well as is completely functional.

4) Underdeveloped Jaw

An underdeveloped jaw can occur because of a lack of stimulus from your diet or due to open-mouthed breathing. We can effectively solve this issue by installing braces or alternative braces treatments so that your smile will align. It is also recommended that you or your child eats a variety of crunchy foods from as young as they are able in order to promote proper jaw function and growth.

5) Wisdom teeth

We all know that wisdom teeth can incur a lot of dental issues. While they generally do not erupt until the age of 16-25 it’s important to keep this in mind and have an OPG when possible to get a better understanding of how they’re going to grow. If you have received orthodontics in the past then your dentist will most likely recommend extraction to prevent overcrowding.

6) Jaw injury

A significant jaw injury can result in teeth being forced together in areas. If this has happened to you please see the team at AAA Orthodontics about our reconstructive orthodontics options.

7) Nasty little habits: Thumb sucking, incorrect oral posture, extended pacifier use

The basic rule is that you should not put anything in your mouth except for food, as habits like thumb sucking can alter the position of your teeth. Mouth-breathing is also just as bad as thumb-sucking is the incorrect position of the tongue can cause teeth to misalign.

We have a wide range of treatments designed to mend your malocclusion

AAA Orthodontics in Albany Creek has a number of orthodontic treatment plans including:

If you would like to find out more about the range of orthodontic treatments available at AAA Orthodontics in Albany Creek please do not hesitate to contact us.

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