iTero Digital Scanner

iTero Digital Scanner Brisbane QLD

Uncomfortable traditional impressions are a thing of the past

AAA Orthodontics have recently incorporated the iTero digital scanner into our practice. We provide our patients with highly effective Invisalign results by utilising the latest technological advancements in digital imaging. The iTero Digital Scanner uses laser and optical scanning to produce a detailed and accurate 3D digital impression of the entire mouth. The digital impressions are sent to Invisalign for the production of patients’ aligners. With this new technology, we don’t need to subject our patients to a series of uncomfortable plaster impressions for orthodontic treatments.

Benefits of the iTero digital scanner

  • Increased comfort for patients
  • Improved efficiency and accuracy of impression – scanning with iTero translates to 7 x fewer aligner fit issues
  • Patients get an accurate view of the projected outcome of their treatment with the Outcome Simulator
  • Increased ease of use for our dentists
  • Greater accuracy means fewer chairside adjustments, eliminating the need for re-do appointments
  • Whole-tooth images are effectively captured without data sampling
  • Eliminates the inefficiencies, mess, and costs associated with traditional physical impressions
  • The iTero wand can rest on the teeth for easy scanning, unlike other scanners that must hover above the teeth to stay in focus

iTero Digital wand

The intra-oral wand sits comfortably in the mouth while digitally taking an impression of the teeth and gums. Images of all sides of the mouth are taken to create a full, 360-degree digital image. The images are then laced together to create the 3D image, which can be viewed by the patient as it is being created. This high quality, accurate digital image guarantees a perfect fit for your aligners. This saves time for the patient as the aligners won’t need to be sent back or readjusted. The digital scanner also powers the Invisalign Outcome Simulator, which helps patients visualise how their teeth may look at the end of their Invisalign treatment.

Improved accuracy

The final 3D image is then sent directly to Invisalign for manufacture. This method of digitally producing an impression of the entire aspect of your mouth allows for extreme accuracy during production, resulting in improved effectiveness for the patient, and improved efficiency for our dentists. This improvement means greater patient satisfaction and a more effective resulting treatment. A study conducted by Invisalign found that patients enjoyed 7x fewer fit issues than with traditional impressions.

High quality images

The intra-oral scanner captures, with high levels of detail and precision, the contours on each surface of the teeth and gums. Within just a few minutes, hundreds of slices of data are integrated to create a highly accurate digital impression of your teeth. These quality impressions have seen up to 10x fewer rejections of impressions during the Invisalign production than with traditional, physical impressions.

iTero Digital Scanner Brisbane QLD

For more information on how the iTero Digital Scanner can benefit your Invisalign experience, or to book an appointment, contact one of the friendly members of AAA Orthodontics today.

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