Orthodontics for adults

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At AAA Orthodontics, it’s never too late to straighten your teeth.

All patients are encouraged to achieve the smile of their dreams – no matter how old you are!

Straight teeth are more than just a beautiful smile

While aesthetics may be your main motivation, there are a number of health benefits to straightening your teeth that go beyond your mouth. Straight teeth remove hard to reach places when brushing, which reduces the risk for decay and gum disease. You will also notice an improvement in the way your teeth fit together. This will mean no uneven wearing down of teeth, which puts pressure on teeth, gums, jaw and even the head and neck.

If braces are available for adults – why recommend braces for teens and children?

While it’s never too late to receive orthodontics, and there are increasingly more and more discreet and efficient alternatives to braces, we still recommend treatments begin as early as possible. Not only is it good to get these treatments over and done with early in life, we are also able to take advantage of the developing jaw and moving mouth during younger years to move teeth more quickly. This means orthodontic treatment can be easier for younger patients.

In saying this, AAA Orthodontics understand the desire to have a straighter, more aesthetically pleasing smile is one many adults have. We are highly qualified to treat adult patients and are still able to move your teeth into the desired position. We have a number of treatment options for you to consider that will make your treatment as undetectable as possible.

Invisalign for adults

AAA Orthodontics is proud to offer patients Invisalign as a treatment option when considering straightening teeth. This treatment is virtually undetectable to those who do not know you are wearing the aligners, so you can straighten your teeth without that bulky metal look. Invisalign aligners are made up of custom-made plastic trays which fit perfectly over your teeth. A gentle pressure moves your teeth into place in a similar fashion to traditional braces.

Incognito braces for adults

Incognito braces work in the same way as traditional metal braces; however, they are placed on the inside of the teeth rather than the outside surface. This means the treatment still works in the same efficient and trusted manner as traditional braces but with the added benefit of a more discreet look. For patients who are concerned with the bulky nature of traditional braces and adults who want an inconspicuous look incognito braces are ideal.

Clear braces for adults

Unfortunately, not every patient is suitable for Invisalign or incognito braces. For more severe cases requiring traditional braces, AAA Orthodontics offer a clear option.  Clear braces have clear brackets, making them less noticeable than their metal counterparts.

Adult Braces FAQs

If you’re considering traditional braces or Invisalign to straighten your teeth, you may have lots of questions; which is more effective? Which is more affordable? Ultimately, you should choose which treatment is most effective for your current oral condition.

In your first scheduled appointment, the team at AAA Orthodontics will do a thorough examination and ensure you receive the best and most suited orthodontic treatment.

Traditional braces and Invisalign were both designed to straighten your teeth, while improving your oral health. Invisalign however, has only been around for about two decades. So unfortunately, it doesn’t have the same broad, long running statistics or history as traditional braces.

Traditional braces consist of metal brackets that are bonded to your teeth and a wire is slowly tightened between them to move your teeth. Clear brackets are available at AAA Orthodontics for your upper front teeth, at no extra cost.

On the other hand, Invisalign uses a series of custom-made clear plastic aligners. The benefit of these aligners is that they are removable; ensuring your oral health stays at optimum levels. The trays are changed every two weeks or so to gradually move your teeth into the desired position, almost invisibly.

Although childhood is the ideal time to get braces, more and more adults are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Australian research suggests that one in five orthodontic patients are over the age of 18.

Children’s teeth and jaws are still developing, so it’s easier for orthodontists to manipulate and position them correctly.

This doesn’t, however, mean adults can’t undergo orthodontic treatment; it’s just a little harder.

Adults with crooked and crowded teeth or poorly aligned bites can have severe problems in the mouth. Crooked teeth can be difficult to clean, and the risk of tooth decay and gum disease will be increased.

Teeth that don’t come together correctly when you close your jaw can cause chewing and swallowing problems. It can also make it difficult to pronounce words as it puts pressure on the chewing muscles.

If you are an adult considering orthodontic treatment to correct longstanding cosmetic problems, crooked teeth or bite problems, or to remedy the effects of tooth loss, AAA Orthodontics can help.

Orthodontic treatment for adults can do just as much as it does for children since both have orthodontic issues that can be corrected in the same way. The procedure for orthodontics in adults is largely the same as it is for children, the main difference between the two would be the length of the treatment. Since children are still growing, the results of orthodontic treatment are obtained faster since their bone and teeth are not mature and set in place like the teeth and bone of adults.

This pain is a common orthodontic problem and is often caused by you frequently clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth. However, this habit often happens at night when you are asleep or when you are not aware of it, and it causes unnecessary strain and tension within the jaw and surrounding muscles. This habit can be diagnosed by an orthodontist who can help you treat the habit. A popular treatment by orthodontists for this habit is a night guard which helps the jaw muscles relax and protects the teeth.

At AAA Orthodontics, it will take approximately an hour to place your braces. A check-up will be needed every six to eight weeks following.

The time to complete your orthodontic treatment can differ from patient to patient and depend on different severity levels. Your age and how far your teeth will have to move can also determine your rate of bone turnover. Treatment can range anywhere from 6 to 30 months.

Whether you choose to undertake traditional braces treatment or clear aligners like Invisalign, all dental appliances work to achieve the same result; to straighten your teeth.

Traditional braces have metal wires that pass-through brackets that are bonded to each individual tooth. The wire is gradually tightened regularly to slowly move the teeth into their correct positions.

Invisalign on the other hand, has custom-made aligner trays that are worn to shift your teeth into alignment. The trays are removable, so patient compliance is much more necessary to ensure treatment stays on track.

Orthodontic braces are only effective when they are properly cared for. Certain foods should be avoided to maximise your results.

Eating the wrong foods not only causes you discomfort; it also heightens the risk of breaking your brackets or wires. This will require unscheduled visits to AAA Orthodontics and may increase your treatment time.

Frequent consumption of foods or drinks that get stuck in your braces, or are high in sugar content, i.e. lollies and soda, can create a perfect environment for plaque and bacteria. This can cause damage to your teeth and heightens your risk of periodontal disease. Hard foods like ice and popcorn should also be avoided as they can shatter and break your brackets.

Orthodontic braces can make it a little more difficult to clean your teeth, but if you look after them, you can ensure you get the best results possible.

Adult Braces Brisbane QLD

If you are interested in receiving adult orthodontic treatment and improving the health and look of your smile, contact the friendly team at AAA Orthodontics.

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